Adult Social Care - Workforce Data Set


What is it?

The ASC-WDS is an online database which holds data on the adult social care workforce.  It is the leading source of workforce intelligence and holds information on around 25,000 establishments and 700,000 workers across England.

Who uses it?

Social care employers/providers use the ASC-WDS to help ensure their information better supports business and workforce planning. They register, maintain and access their business information through their online account. They can use it to track staff retention rates and qualifications with personalised reports.

The Government, strategic bodies, commissioners and policy makers rely on this data for policy-making, service planning, development, workforce modelling and planning at national and local level for social care services.

Local authorities use ASC-WDS to help them plan resources for the local workforce and to commission services.

Why do we need it?

The social care sector is changing and growing fast. It is crucial that the sector has clear, robust evidence of its size and scale. This will help reinforce its position as a major employer.

What benefits can it offer me?

  • Completing ASC-WDS allows you to apply to the Workforce Development Fund
  • Collect the data and use it numerous times. With your permission, your data can be shared with NHS Choices, Care Quality Commission and local authorities.
  • Helps you manage and track training
  • Gives you access to a valuable range of e-learning including dementia care and end of life care modules
  • Helps create management information for workforce and service planning
  • Allows you to compare your organisation to other similar organisations, or the sector as a whole

 Next steps…

  1. Visit
  2. Register as a social care employer
  3. Gather and enter information about you and your staff
  4. View and update your information
  5. Keep it up to date

Need Support?

Skills for Care offer free advice and support:

T. 0113 241 0969


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