About us

Established in 2000, Partners in Care (PiC) is a non-statutory, multi-stakeholder partnership working to raise the standard and quality of adult social care across the pan Dorset area. We offer advice, support and guidance around workforce planning, development and training and run local networks and events for adult social care staff to share good practice and are funded through bidding for projects and contributions from key stakeholders. We work closely with organisations on a number of projects, including partners from other European countries. With its extensive knowledge of the sector, PiC is uniquely placed as a central hub to support organisations and people working across the adult social care sector.

OUR VISION                                                                         

Our vision is to lead the way in supporting training, development, recruitment and retention for people working in the adult social care sector enhancing the provision of quality care for people living in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole.

We will build on our existing strengths around employer engagement to support employers to ensure that their staff have the appropriate skills and knowledge to deliver a quality service.


We aspire to be the organisation of choice for engagement with health and adult social care sector providers through our knowledge of the sector and working partners.

Partnership Working

We widely support many care providers in accessing funds to support training and development. PiC’s activities focus on reaching the widest possible audience in social care and we do this by bringing public, private, voluntary and independent social care providers together. As such we reach the majority of the 500 care providers in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole who find the support of PiC invaluable.

PiC additionally receives financial support from the 3 Local Authorities in Dorset to deliver an agreed learning and development programme primarily to support the independent, voluntary and private adult social care sector in each statutory authority area. Pic and the 3 Local Authorities have a history of working together by sharing recourses to raise the quality of care being in the independent sector.



Strategic plan available to download below:

> Partners in Care Strategic Plan – March 2015

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